My new NAS External Hard Drive

In another fantastic purchase, I have now got a new 1 TB External Hard Drive:

Let me tell you how I’m using it! 

First, I set up the External Hard drive.  It’s another low power device that sits directly on the network via ethernet.

Next, I set up our 2 primary computers to automatically back up all of our important data.  It checks and backs up every day.  I do nothing now that it’s all set up.  so, the nice thing is that when iTunes downloads my podcasts, or when I download my new pictures onto the computer, or when I download new videos of the kids, the backup program runs in the background and sends them to the External hard drive.

Now, all of our pics, podcasts, movies, and cookbooks, etc are on the hard drive.  So if a computer goes down, I have it backed up.  And more importantly, I can easily access all of my data from any computer on my network, or even better from a secure website that allows me to log into the hard drive.

What I’m using it for is to stream video, pics, and music to any computer in the house.  Pretty cool!  I’m at least having fun with it!

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