Monthly Archives: September 2015

First Week of School

First week of school is on the books! Here are my adorable students:

2015-08-26 15.38.00
2015-08-26 15.38.26


We started reading from The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos. This week we read about Creation.

We practiced and reviewed verses for Awana, which starts next week.

We read about missions in Africa in SIM’s Stories from Africa.

We read a true story about respecting people who we may not think deserve respect in Laying Down the Rails

History & Geography:

We made a map of explorers and noted where the Spanish and French were exploring and claiming.

We read about the founding of St. Augustine, Florida.

We read a geography story titled Legends and Leagues and made puppets of Mr. Longitude and Mr. Latitude.

Science & Nature Study:

We finished learning about amphibians. We read about toads, frogs and salamanders and listened to an audiobook of The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad.

Jonathan (1st Grade):

Handwriting- Jonathan reviewed capital letter formation this week. We practiced writing on lined paper.

Math- We are continuing to practice subtraction and addition in Miquon math. He completed 7 pages of problems, using cuisenaire rods as needed. We also began Singapore’s shape unit.

Reading/Phonics- We reviewed the rules for silent E and syllable division rules. We began to explore words which use the AI or AY phonograms, most of which he already knew.

Spelling- We have been reviewing phonograms and the sounds they represent. We have practiced alphabetizing and isolating sounds within words.

Grace (Kindergarten):

Handwriting- we have been practicing lowercase letters that use curves.

Math- We have been learning about weight using non-standard measurement. We have pulled out our balance scale and discussed how to tell which item is heavier and which item is lighter.

Reading/Phonics- We have started slow, reviewing the sounds of the phonograms as we have been practicing writing them.