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Daddy Is a Super Hero!

Shortly before naptime today Jonathan and I got on the subject of babies. I can’t remember even how we got on the subject or what was said, but it ended up with me pulling out a box of old pictures to look for pictures of Brian and me as babies.

I never did find a baby picture of Brian, but as I was pulling out pictures, one in particular caught Jonathan’s attention. His eyes grew wide and he said with a gasp of excitement: “Daddy is a super hero!”

Jonathan was just so excited– he kept telling me that his daddy is a super hero! And he insisted that I put the picture up in his room where he could see it as he fell asleep. So… if he tells you his daddy is a super hero, now you know the back story! 🙂

Things I Love About Jonathan- at 20 Months

I love…

  • how excited you get as you explore and discover the world around you.
  • how kind and gentle you are towards your little sister
  • how you are starting to help momma around the house- trying to sweep, vacuum and even put things “away”.
  • how much you enjoy being outside (even though momma’s more of an indoor gal)
  • how you love books- you are always bringing us books to read!
Jonathan helping Momma sweep

Helping Sweep the floor

Playing Outside

 Exploring Outside

So handsome!

So handsome!

Every day is an adventure for you! We love you very much!