My Nettop

In October, I purchased a lenovo nettop for our entertainment center:

It is actually a Christmas present for later, but it’s up and running today… :-)

So, you might think, why would someone go out and buy a nettop instead of just using an old desktop?  Well, for me, I didn’t have an old desktop to use, although prior to the nettop I was using my laptop to do the same functions, but in using my laptop as our media center, I lost the use of my laptop for myself, it wasn’t always the best picture, I had to replace a battery once already ($80), and it sucked more power than I would have liked.

With the nettop, it plays netflix, hulu, and I can do skype pretty well.  I can’t get the Windows Media Center to work well.  With every patch or update, I have to reload hulu and netflix to get them to work without skipping again, so I only use the browser versions of hulu and netflix.  But, it’s a lower powered computer, it goes into power save mode automatically and can restart in the the time it takes me to push the on/off button, find my remotes, sit down, and turn on my TV.  It also came with a pretty neat (and small) wireless keyboard and mouse.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the nettop, but I wish that Windows Media Center would work better with it, so I could use 1 application to run everything.