Monthly Archives: May 2011

A trip with a birthday, a wedding, Mother’s day, and a birthday

So, call us crazy, as many other people have.  We took Jonathan and Grace on a 16 hour drive 2 weekends ago.  That’s right.  16 hours out on Thursday, a birthday on Friday, a wedding on Saturday, a birthday on Sunday and we celebrated Mother’s day with a 16 hour car ride back to the homestead.

There was not as much crying as one might expect on such a long trip.  We put a DVD player in the minivan which occupied a lot of Jonathan’s time.  And Grace was good enough to sleep a lot of the trip or to play with many many different toys that we kept giving her throughout the trip.

We had a great time in Bethlehem as always spending time with Amanda’s family.  It was good to spend time, but the time was really short.  The wedding was very nice, but Grace fell asleep in my arms during the wedding and Uncle Tom spent the wedding reading books to Jonathan. Jonathan loved all of the bubbles as bride and groom exited the church.  And he made it through many many pictures before finally falling apart.  After a decent nap, we went back to Amanda’s brother’s house to finish the festivities.

I know this is off subject nevertheless I just wanted to ask.