First Exposure to Homeschooling

I first heard of homeschooling as I was growing up. I participated in Suzuki violin lessons and came across a couple families who were homeschooling. (These were pioneer homeschooling families in the ’80s!). Then, when I was a teenager, my cousin started homeschooling her 4 girls using Sonlight curriculum. I thought everything that they were doing was pretty neat. I’d always been a reader and my cousin was getting to read all these great books with her girls! That was when the seed was planted– I started thinking about the possibility of homeschooling my own children.

During college and after working with youth ministry for a while, I met several students who had been homeschooled and overall I was impressed with the depth and quality of their faith. For the most part, these students were intelligent, articulate, and confident. They got along well and conversed with people of all ages and abilities and seemed to be the well-rounded adjusted young adults that I hoped my children would turn into.

After Jonathan was born in 2009, I started reading and learning more about homeschooling. We read, and read, and read together and pursued various early learning activities. Grace joined us in 2010 and Kaitlyn in 2013. Now I’m getting ready to begin teaching 1st grade and Kindergarten next Fall!

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