Easter 2011

We went to Springfield for the weekend.  Spent time with nana and papa, andy and ferfer, gigi and dadadaddy, grandma and grandpa on Saturday.

Nana and papa hid eggs and match box cars all around their house.  At first Jonathan didn’t really understand what was going on, and why nana and papa would have misplaced all of this stuff, but then he started to find some on his own.  And then he found an egg with two jelly bellys in it.  They scattered as he opened the egg.  He picked them up and plunked them in his mouth quicker than I could figure out what they were.  We all laughed after we figured out what had happened.  After that point, Jonathan was very excited at each egg he found! 

He also loved the match box cars.  He lined all the cars up and counted them, we all applauded his counting abilities.

For Easter, nana bought Jonathan and Grace some bunny ears.  And fortunately, Uncle Andy defended Jonathan’s honor.  Jonathan did not have to wear the bunny ears, that day!

It was good to see the family and spend some time over Easter.